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PICES and ICES introduce an UNDOS Program entitled SmartNet: - Sustainability of Marine Ecosystems through global knowledge networks - Please visit the SmartNet website for additional updates:

4 May 2022


Contact us to participate and collaborate in SMARTNET! Learn more SmartNet will: in the eco magazine special UNDOS issue: • Implement a coordinated global network to support production and yvywpyjf distribution of knowledge focused on marine social-ecological systems and services they provide. [...] • Provide ecosystem, fisheries, and aquaculture assessments to: describe ecosystems; identify human pressures and impacts on key ecosystem components; and advance best practices in the inclusion of traditional, local, and stakeholder knowledge. [...] • ICES and PICES coordinate diverse efforts to understand, estimate and predict climate change impacts on marine ecosystems, addressing Sustainability of Marine Ecosystems through global knowledge networks (SmartNet) UNDOS themes to: assess global implications of climate change Decade Programme on the spatial distribution and forecasting of fish and fisheries; © JettBritnell, OceanImageBank create. [...] CHALLENGE 1: Understand and beat ecological-environmental systemsmarine pollution Facilitate stakeholder outreach and partner engagement in SmartNetCHALLENGE 2: Protect and restore activitiesecosystems and biodiversity Participate in Ocean Decade Laboratories and Communities of CHALLENGE 3: Sustainably feed the Practice global population CHALLENGE 4: Develop a Publication of SmartNet article for E. [...] CHALLENGE 9: Skills, knowledge and "SmartNet will reach far beyond our establishedtechnology for all networks to advance and share scientificCHALLENGE 10: Change humanity’s understanding of marine ecosystems and therelationship with the ocean services they provide to generate state-of-the-art advice and evidence for meeting OCEAN BASINS conservation, management, North Atlantic Indian and sustainab.