Student Academic Experience Survey 2022 - Jonathan Neves (Advance HE) and Alexis Brown (HEPI)
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Student Academic Experience Survey 2022 - Jonathan Neves (Advance HE) and Alexis Brown (HEPI)

1 June 2022


Through previous editions of this report we have been able to trace the impact of major policy changes and events such as the increase in tuition fees in England and Wales and the onset of the Covid pandemic, and this year’s results provide a key touchpoint as restrictions are lifted across much of society. [...] How to improve the academic experience This section provides additional, qualitative analysis of the open text comments received in relation to the question ‘What is the one thing your institution could do to improve the quality of your academic experience?’ The analysis was carried out by Kate Precious, Researcher at Advance HE, with the aim of identifying the topics raised most frequently by tho. [...] Nonetheless, with flexibility and accessibility no doubt improving to accommodate some of the restrictions put in place as a result of the pandemic, the sector now has a real opportunity to ensure the needs of disabled students are met at the earliest possible stage. [...] 9.4 Satisfaction with wider aspects of the learning environment As part of our set of new questions this year, we asked about two specific aspects of the learning experience – access to learning spaces for independent study and the consistency of the learning experience received from different members of staff. [...] Finances and the future We asked which costs associated with studying were of most concern to students, and for the first time, we also included the option of the cost of learning resources (such as software, textbooks, and travel), which 8% of students cited as a concern.

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