Higher Education Policy Institute


Higher Education Policy Institute

Type Research Center
Website hepi.ac.uk
Year founded 2002
Location Oxford United Kingdom United Kingdom
Budget USD 500k-999k
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Corporations, University-funded, Services
Tags higher education universities
Summary The Higher Education Policy Institute was established in 2002 to shape the higher education policy debate through evidence. We are UK-wide, independent and non-partisan. We are funded by organisations and universities that wish to see a vibrant higher education debate as well as through our own events. Our editorial independence is guarded by an Advisory Board and our Trustees, who conduct a peer review process on all our major projects. Our objectives, as outlined in HEPI’s Articles of Association, are: to promote research into and understanding of all aspects of higher education and to disseminate the useful results of such research for the education and benefit of policy makers and the general public in the United Kingdom.

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HEPI: Higher Education Policy Institute · 16 May 2023 English

This is the third iteration of this important research looking at the economic benefits to the UK of hosting so many international students in higher education. The research shows the …

HEPI: Higher Education Policy Institute · 9 May 2023 English

Reducing the course minimum to 10 credits would increase the number of learners, and therefore increase the cost to government of supporting the student finance system. [...] There should be …

HEPI: Higher Education Policy Institute · 11 April 2023

In short, we will continue to teach ‘creativity’, and all that this entails in terms of developing the technical, material and critical skills to identify the problems and the solutions …

HEPI: Higher Education Policy Institute · 8 March 2023 English

Distribution of new entrants to doctoral programmes, by field of study (2020) 20 15 10 5 0 Natural Engineering, Health and Arts and Social sciences, Business, Education Information Agriculture, Services …

HEPI: Higher Education Policy Institute · 4 March 2023 English

The Clinical Medicine income is concentrated in London (12.6%) and the rest of the South East (6.9%) while other subject areas are more evenly distributed – for example, Scotland leads …

HEPI: Higher Education Policy Institute · 3 March 2023 English

By the latter part of the 2010s, the sector was also having to come to terms with the profound changes in the regulatory landscape being www.hepi.ac.uk 5 ushered in by …

HEPI: Higher Education Policy Institute · 17 February 2023 English

This paper sets a context for policymaking that recognises the reality of the enduring importance of the Humanities in the UK as well as the significant challenges within the sector, …

HEPI: Higher Education Policy Institute · 7 February 2023 English

The independence of the DQB, and the trust of the sector in the DQB, are important considerations as to why the DQB is a key element of the English higher …

HEPI: Higher Education Policy Institute · 5 January 2023 English

Applied research Ben Johnson (former Policy Adviser to the Minister for Universities and Science from 2019 to 2021) summarised the general benefit higher education research contributes to UK industry: The …

HEPI: Higher Education Policy Institute · 3 January 2023 English

In the first year of the new scheme, 66,000 people benefited, with people from India, Nigeria and China jointly accounting for 64 per cent of the total.6 Indeed, there was …

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