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20 July 2022


associated with the trade in pangolin-derived However, the extent of the trade in other emerging products, the dynamics of pangolin trafficking and uses of pangolin and in pangolin-derived products the legal frameworks pertaining to retail markets (such as in incense) was also evaluated. [...] number of TCM drugs formulas that appear in the Pangolins are also consumed as food in most places official Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of where they are endemic; the meat is considered China, the country’s official compendium of drugs, to be a delicacy in some regions, which is another research has shown that beyond the eight drug driver of the trade. [...] 15 CITES and increasing restrictions on international trade Restrictions on the international trade in pangolins 1994, all pangolin species were listed in Appendix and their parts and derivatives date back to 1975, II, and later transferred to Appendix I at the 17th when the Sunda, Indian and Chinese pangolins were meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES added to CITES Appendix II, and t. [...] The lack of pangolin was directly added to Appendix I.16 In sustainability of the pangolin trade was underlined by HARMS ASSOCIATED WITH THE TRADE IN PANGOLIN SCALES 7 CITES as early as 1988, when three Asian pangolin Despite these conservation efforts at the species recognized at the time were included in the international level, and with various indicators Review of Significant Trade Processes (. [...] © Shutterstock PRODUCTS The following sections consider what we can tell about the structure and characteristics of the market for pangolin-derived products offered for sale online – including examples of possible systemic attempts to conceal activity that could be illicit, dynamics that facilitate the growth of the market and deprive consumers of necessarily sourcing information, and the potentia.