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Trust in Data

15 Dec 2021

This report details the findings from a public engagement exercise, commissioned by the CDEI and conducted by BritainThinks, to understand attitudes among the UK public towards data use. As outlined in the National Data Strategy, the value of data has the potential to unlock myriad benefits for our society and economy, but the full extent of the opportunity can only be realised if there is public trust in its use. To support the delivery of the National Data Strategy, the CDEI is leading a programme of engagement to build trust in responsible data use. The first phase of this programme of work consisted of a public engagement exercise to explore attitudes towards data use, including which topics and issues are most resonant, and in what contexts. The exercise was conducted between 2 August and 3 September 2021. It had three phases; two of which involved focus groups, while the other an online task, in which participants were presented with 12 case studies. This exercise builds on existing research the CDEI has done to develop a deeper understanding of public attitudes towards the use of data and AI, focused on specific governance challenges or use-cases. Earlier this year, it conducted a deliberative public engagement exercise to explore attitudes towards algorithmic transparency in the public sector, as well as a longitudinal survey to understand public opinion towards the use of digital technologies in the UK’s COVID-19 response.
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