RISE Country Research Team - Ethiopia - RISE in Ethiopia: Technical Research Overview
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RISE Country Research Team - Ethiopia - RISE in Ethiopia: Technical Research Overview

23 June 2017


This mix is intended to students in all grades doubled over the same period, from give the team the research tools to closely examine 10 million to 20 million students – a number that is roughly the issues that are crucial to gaining an understanding equivalent to the entire population of Romania. [...] Individually, of children in the classroom, and the extent to which these the related components of the reforms are working at scale, and how to overcome any Ethiopian reform impediments to their success in order to raise learning outcomes for all. [...] RISE in Ethiopia: Technical Research Overview 2 package may provide only relatively marginal contributions Objective 1: Understand the underpinnings of reforms to the quality of education offered in a school site, and to the To understand the mechanisms through which the reforms overall management of the system. [...] In summary, the Ethiopia Country Research Team proposes The team will take steps to address the possible issue that a multi-disciplinary approach including mixed methods to reforms are not mutually exclusive, and the difficulty in take a holistic view of the reforms. [...] The researchers plan to tackle will carry out detailed interviews at both community and a challenging set of questions in the quest to understand household levels to understand which reforms were, in fact, ‘what works’ for education reform in the context of Ethiopia, selected and implemented, and the extent of each cohort’s and to gain insights that may benefit the quest to improve exposure to giv.

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