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Vietnam - Dam Rehabilitation and Safety Improvement Project : Indigenous Peoples Plan (Vol. 2) : Ethnic Minority Development Plan for Hoa Binh Province : Subproject 3 (English)

5 September 2022


The development objective of the Dam Rehabilitation and Safety Improvement Project for Vietnam is to support the implementation of the government dam safety program by improving the safety of prioritized dams and reservoirs as well as to protect people and assets of the downstream communities. Some of the negative measures include: (i) legal land users; (ii) affected residential land; (iii) impact on lands within construction safety corridor; (iv) impact on houses; (v) impact on crops and trees, aquaculture products; (vi) have to move the graves or tombs; (vii) loss of income or livelihood due to loss of productive land; (viii) allowances for relocating households; and (ix) loss of land or non-land assets. Some of the mitigation measures include; (i) cash compensation at replacement cost (free from taxes and transaction costs) for the affected area of the land; (ii) a land plot in a resettlement site or apartment will be provided to the PAP, in consultation with them; (iii) the maximum compensation level is seventy percent of land price of the same type; (iv) compensation for other structures or fixed assets will be at full replacement cost and will be in cash; (v) to ensure the compensation is sufficient to replace the lost standing crops, trees or aquaculture products; (vi) graves to be exhumed and relocated in culturally sensitive and appropriate ways; (vii) every PAP affected by loss of productive land, irrespective of the degree of impact, will be provided with additional assistance equivalent to at most five times the agricultural land price established by PPC; (viii) relocating to new settlement within the same district, town, will receive allowance; and (ix) entitled to take part in income restoration program.



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