Weekly POK News Digest Vol 2, Issue 37, 12 -18 September, 2022


Weekly POK News Digest Vol 2, Issue 37, 12 -18 September, 2022

20 Sep 2022

Wani According to him, the Indian may have forgotten two essential government is implementing a strategy conditions for the growth of the IT to alter the region's identity in line with industry: the first is the availability of Israeli government policies that have constant, high-speed internet, and the allowed Jewish settlement in the second is energy. [...] During the conversation, on the recent catastrophic floods in some members of the delegation said Pakistan, he stated that they should that due to the violent plans of the serve as a wake-up call for the world to Indian ‘occupation’ forces, Kashmir is adopt aggressive, effective measures to witnessing a skewed and imbalanced decrease carbon emissions and avert development where residents are the d. [...] The delegation stated that the world The Pakistan envoy said that to ‘lend needs to take notice of India's ‘settler credence’ to the notion of colonialism’ policies and its nefarious ‘accountability’, the Council members attempts to ‘Palestinize Kashmir’ should act on the recommendations of through demographic and political the two OHCHR reports for the engineering during a meeting with OIC establ. [...] the ‘occupied valley’, adding to the dire human rights and humanitarian On this occasion, the CM of GB and the conditions in ‘India-held Kashmir.’ As PM of the ‘AJK’ reaffirmed their a result, there have been 150 commitment to closing the 75-year gap ‘extrajudicial executions’ this year and between the two areas. [...] On the anniversary of General Antonio Guterres stated in the founding father of the country, the response to a query regarding serving ‘AJK’ state and its people reaffirmed as a mediator in the settlement of the their commitment to fighting for Kashmir dispute during a news Pakistan's completion by ‘liberating’ conference in Islamabad.



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