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Our Impact - 2021 Annual Review

4 October 2022


Stretching from New Zealand and Australia to “With the planet at a tipping point Arctic Russia, the EAAF consists of a chain of over from the biodiversity and climate 900 globally important coastal wetlands that are emergencies, this type of innovative, essential to the annual migrations of roughly 50 million waterbirds. [...] applied to the planet’s other important flyways.” In October 2021, the long-term prospects for Patricia Zurita the EAAF were boosted as BirdLife, the Asian Development Bank and the East Asian-Australasian Partnership launched the Regional Flyways Initiative, securing at least $3 billion to conserve and restore 10 BirdLife International Annual Review 2021 The Jiangsu Yancheng Wetlands Protection Pr. [...] 16 BirdLife International Annual Review 2021 Investing in the future of conservation Introducing the Graeme Gibson Fellowship A new fellowship launched in memory of Graeme Gibson – one of BirdLife’s great champions – will ensure that the next generation of leaders in the conservation sector are equipped with the right skills to tackle the biodiversity and climate The Con. [...] BirdLife is the The Maleo, a large terrestrial bird endemic to official authority for birds, so each year Sulawesi in Indonesia, was uplisted to Critically Endangered due to habitat loss and the our Red List team gather the latest unregulated collection of its eggs, which data to reassess the status of birds are considered a local delicacy. [...] The reasons for species populations declined poisoning vary by region and Combatting the use catastrophically in the 1990s – range from human-wildlife of vulture body parts the Vulture Safe Zone model conflicts and large mammal for traditional medicine to protect key remaining wild poaching to the use of vulture populations has been in Africa veterinary drugs in livestock instrumental in reducing.