Developing an evidence-based toolkit for car reduction: Appendices
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Developing an evidence-based toolkit for car reduction: Appendices

28 October 2022


● Home delivery was convincing ● People care about the environmental impact of the business, and is an increasing concern for companies Suggested Changes ● As a business owner, personal vehicle needs are still there ● Needing to travel early in the morning, have to be realistic and trust the service you are using, which makes a car the best ● Local delivery by cargo bike is a USP for a local busin. [...] The most relatable elements of the scenario included the inconvenience of parking, benefits of using public and active transport, and cost of running a car (see Table). [...] On the one hand, young people seemed to intend to use active travel the most in the following six months, however, they were also the ones who intended the least to take their next holiday in Scotland instead of abroad. [...] On the other hand, the people who read the middle-class portrait had the highest levels of intentions to cut down their travel related emissions, but the lowest scores when it came to using more public transport over the following six months. [...] Once again the participants in the rural/islander group seemed to show compared to the rest of the groups.