cover image: Warming Projections Global Update November 2022


Warming Projections Global Update November 2022

10 Nov 2022

The goldrush for gas continues and is counterproductive to the Paris Agreement. The energy crisis caused by Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine has sent governments scrambling to shore up energy security. However, in many cases governments are doubling down on fossil fuels – the very cause of the climate crisis – knocking climate action down the policy agenda, despite the fact that renewables, efficiency and electrification are by far the cheapest, fastest and most secure options. Across the world the oil and gas industry is pushing fossil gas (including LNG) as the route out of the crisis. The 2022 update of the IEA’s Net Zero by 2050 Road map shows that due to accelerating reductions in the cost of renewables and storage and other technologies, the total gas use globally by 2030 needs to be at least 30% below 2021 levels, about 45% faster than estimated a year ago in 2021.
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