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20 June 2022


REALISING THE PLEDGE: HOW INCREASED FUNDING FOR FOREST COMMUNITIES CAN TRANSFORM GLOBAL CLIMATE AND BIODIVERSITY EFFORTS June 2022 1 A BRIEFING FROM THE RAINFOREST FOUNDATIONS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM, THE UNITED STATES, AND NORWAY FOR CLIMATE FUNDERS AND POLICY MAKERS ON WHAT IT WILL TAKE TO REALISE THE US$1.7 BILLION PLEDGE TO SUPPORT INDIGENOUS PEOPLES AND OTHER LOCAL COMMUNITIES’ LAND AND RESOURC. [...] While this was an important milestone in the struggle for greater recognition of indigenous environmental guardianship, donors are now faced with a central challenge: how to mobilise funding at the speed and scale necessary to address the climate and biodiversity emergencies, while building the capacity of often remote and politically disenfranchised communities and their representatives to absorb. [...] 1 The Global Alliance of Territorial Communities 2 The Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples and Forests 3 Coordination of the Indigenous Organizations of the Brazilian Amazon 4 The Indigenous Peoples’ Alliance of the Archipelago / Agrarian Reform Consortium / Friend of the Earth Indonesia 4 2 KEY PRINCIPLES AND APPROACHES FOR WORKING WITH IPLCS AND LOCAL ORGANISATIONS Working with local and indigenous. [...] Community governance and organisation: Prioritise programmes that recognise the need to support the internal organisation of communities and allow them to set and enforce the rules regarding access and use of their forests. [...] Address the real threats to climate and IPLCs: Related to the above, increased funding for IPLCs should not distract from the urgent need to tackle the underlying drivers of forest loss and climate change, for example the need to engage with investors, commercial actors and policy makers to reduce the demand for products and resources linked to rainforest destruction.