Rainforest Foundation UK


Rainforest Foundation UK

Type NGO
Website rainforestfoundationuk.org
Year founded 1989
Location London United Kingdom United Kingdom
Budget USD 1-4.9M
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants
Tags climate indigenous peoples rainforests
Summary The mission of the Rainforest Foundation UK is to support indigenous peoples and traditional populations of the world's rainforest in their efforts to protect their environment and fulfil their rights to land, life and livelihood. RFUK is committed to both human rights and environmental protection when it comes to tackling deforestation. Locally, we support forest communities to gain land rights, challenge destructive industries, manage their forests and protect their environment. Globally, we campaign to influence national and international laws and policies that protect rainforests and their inhabitants. Instead of conserving forests purely for their biodiversity or carbon values, RFUK promotes the establishment of community rights over rainforest lands, tackling the root causes of deforestation and paving the way for local people to benefit fairly from the use and protection of forest resources. We deliver our work through long-term partnerships with local and indigenous peoples’ organisations so that capacity is sustained in rainforest countries. Since our founding in 1989, the Rainforest Foundations of the UK, US and Norway have supported communities to secure and protect more than 84 million hectares of tropical rainforest — an area roughly the size of Scandinavia.

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RFUK: Rainforest Foundation UK · 15 September 2023 English

Economic Emp owerment Through Community Co coa Production Today in the villages of Mibenga and Ilebo, nestled along the edge of the Tumba Lediima Nature Reserve in western Demo- cratic …

RFUK: Rainforest Foundation UK · 15 September 2023 French

HISTOIRE DE RÉU SSITE Autonomisation économique grâce à la production comm unautaire de cacao Aujourd'hui, dans les villages de Mibenga et Ilebo, situés en bordure de la réserve naturelle de …

RFUK: Rainforest Foundation UK · 8 August 2023 French

Encouragée par des affirmations mécanisme de compensation, il permet en fin de extravagantes sur le potentiel d’atténuation du compte de poursuivre la production et l’utilisation de climat de REDD+ et …

RFUK: Rainforest Foundation UK · 7 August 2023 French

• Même si les organisations de protection de l’environnement favorables à l’échange de droits d’émission de carbone continuent d’insister sur la nécessité de fixer des prix beaucoup plus élevés pour …

RFUK: Rainforest Foundation UK · 24 July 2023 English

Encouraged by extravagant involved and the potential for effective claims about the climate mitigation potential ownership of forest lands (or at least the of REDD+ and other so-called nature-based ‘assets’ …

RFUK: Rainforest Foundation UK · 24 July 2023 English

• There are risks of conflicts of interests in the systems (especially Verra) and a lack of transparency in the nature of the relationship between the standards-setting bodies/registries, the validation …

RFUK: Rainforest Foundation UK · 7 July 2023 English

As 92 UK civil society organisations working across environment, international development, humanitarian response, inclusion and rights issues, we are writing to urge you to keep your promise to communities on …

RFUK: Rainforest Foundation UK · 5 April 2023 English

number of Indigenous land AID EFFECTIVENESS use plans developed and In parallel, the Asháninka have also formed recognized Over the past year, we have worked more closely than ever with …

RFUK: Rainforest Foundation UK · 22 March 2023 English

Representatives and affiliates of the Inter-Donor Group on Environment and Climate (GIBEC) 21 March 2023 Subject: The risk of a pre-election resource grab to forest reform efforts in DRC As …

RFUK: Rainforest Foundation UK · 6 March 2023 French

v) Les finances (paiement des taxes) (20%) : les Preuves de paiement du cautionnement (4%) ; les Preuves de paiement de la taxe de superficie dans la période allant de …

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