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2 November 2022


In the context of climate indigeneity considerations, gender-responsive and change, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in intersectional approaches, and SRHR in the planning and particular, gets further deteriorated due to deprioritisation implementation of climate related outcomes and decisions during humanitarian crisis, despite being inextricably linked.5 and ensure they are refle. [...] This is also seen at present in the ongoing pandemic and worsening climate crises, where access and availability of ZERO OR LIMITED ACCESS TO SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE resources and services are impacted.37 HEALTH SERVICES AND INFORMATION DURING CLIMATE DISASTERS It is crucial that an intersectional lens is adopted at all levels in the planning and development of inclusive, meaningful and When vital. [...] This includes upholding human rights, are required to fulfil the right to health and to build adaptive including sexual and reproductive health and rights, of all capacity and strengthen resilience to direct and indirect people and acknowledge its co-benefits in contributing to climate impacts. [...] Provide capacity building to local governments and health, and disaster risk reduction incorporate gender stakeholders regarding emergency preparation, policy mainstreaming and SRHR and include gender-differentiated formulation, and prioritising of marginalised people of impact analysis of climate change disasters and gender intersecting identities in response, and incorporating SRHR equality. [...] 40 Climate Change, Gender Equality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Factsheet, Women and Gender Constituency and the SRHR & Climate Justice Coalition, 2022, wp-content/uploads/2022/03/CJ_factsheet.png.

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