Parking Regulations
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Parking Regulations

15 September 2022


The appropriate laws and bylaws of the Government of Canada, the Province of Manitoba, and the City of Brandon shall apply to parking on Campus. [...] DEFINITIONS Campus 2.1 “Campus” shall hereinafter be taken to mean not only the area encompassed by the boundaries of the main campus, but also by the boundaries of the other areas under the jurisdiction of Brandon University, hereinafter referred to as University. [...] Owner 2.12 “Owner” means the person named as the registered owner of the vehicle under the Legislation of the Province of Manitoba or any other jurisdiction. [...] connect electrical divides to any outlet other than the plug-in provided in the stall in which the vehicle is authorized to be parked. [...] Any vehicle parked, operated, or driven in the parking lots shall be solely at the risk of the owner or the operator.

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