Rural Development Institute


Rural Development Institute

Type NGO
Year founded 1989
Location Brandon, MB Canada Canada
Budget USD 500k-999k
Functions Education and training, Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants, University-funded
Tags education rural communities
Summary Brandon University established the Rural Development Institute (RDI) in 1989 as an academic research centre and a leading source of information on issues affecting rural communities in Western Canada and beyond.

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RDI: Rural Development Institute · 21 March 2023 English

Employees are Other - __________________ responsible for performing the task in accordance with training, established health and safety regulations/guidelines, policies, and procedures. [...] Risks: Signs and symptoms of a musculoskeletal …

RDI: Rural Development Institute · 21 March 2023 English

Pull up the handle release lever to adjust the machine operating handle. [...] Push the handle release lever down to lock the machine operating handle in place. [...] Keep the …

RDI: Rural Development Institute · 21 March 2023 English

Use a wide stance, a wide grip on the shovel, and try to keep your back straight and upright. [...] Keep the load close to your body to reduce strains. …

RDI: Rural Development Institute · 13 March 2023

Where the report is not directly to the DHRA, the Supervisor or Person of Authority who received the report shall report the incident to the DHRA. [...] When a concern …

RDI: Rural Development Institute · 26 January 2023 English

1998 Chapter 48 Effective July 1, 1998 (Amended) 14(1) The Senate of the University is continued, consisting of the following members: (a) the Chancellor of the University; (b) the President …

RDI: Rural Development Institute · 21 December 2022

Upon being advised of a withdrawal of support for an existing Grant or Award, the Agency may terminate the Grant or Award and may demand the repayment of the funds …

RDI: Rural Development Institute · 7 November 2022

Further, a conflict of interest is generally defined as a situation where a person who is in a position of trust which requires the person to exercise judgement also has …

RDI: Rural Development Institute · 27 September 2022 English

It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to ensure that all charges authorized against University funds conform to the allowable expenditures within the approved budget, with all terms and …

RDI: Rural Development Institute · 15 September 2022 English

The appropriate laws and bylaws of the Government of Canada, the Province of Manitoba, and the City of Brandon shall apply to parking on Campus. [...] DEFINITIONS Campus 2.1 “Campus” …

RDI: Rural Development Institute · 24 August 2022 English

Check that a clean pad is on the unit and that the pad is properly fastened to the unit. [...] Fill the machine with water and the appropriate chemical using …

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