Conflict of Interest By-law - By-law No. 10 Definition:
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Conflict of Interest By-law - By-law No. 10 Definition:

7 November 2022


Further, a conflict of interest is generally defined as a situation where a person who is in a position of trust which requires the person to exercise judgement also has personal or professional interests or obligations of the sort that might interfere with the exercise of that judgement. [...] The existence of an actual or potential conflict of interest does not necessarily preclude the involvement of the member in the situation where the conflict has arisen or may arise, but it does mean that the conflict should be declared by the member and resolved in conjunction with the person to whom the member reports. [...] Where the proximate third party is a student, it is the responsibility of the member to disclose the matter to the appropriate Dean/Director and to cooperate with measures for avoidance of the conflict of interest that the Dean/Director recommends to the member. [...] Circumstances that do not constitute a conflict of interest: A conflict of interest does not exist when: - members participate in negotiations with respect to salary or other terms of employment on behalf of the university or a group of employees - a member represents another member - the interest of the member and any benefit to the member is only as part of the advancement of the interest of the. [...] Where the conflict arises in the course of the business of a University committee, disclosure shall be to the chair of the committee or the Board; and in any other case, disclosure shall be to the University administrator or chair of the Board who is responsible for the matter to which the conflict of interest pertains.

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