GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE IN MALAYSIA - Grounding Human Rights in Malaysia for All: Embracing Change
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GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE IN MALAYSIA - Grounding Human Rights in Malaysia for All: Embracing Change

7 November 2022


Twenty-two per cent of women living in “least developed countries” have been subjected to intimate partner violence —substantially higher than the world average of 13 per cent.1 48.6% 49.33% Women and girls in Malaysia Women and girls in East Asia Pacific Women and girls in Malaysia account for 48.6% of the total population, close to the percentage of women and girls in the East Asia Pacific regio. [...] It is rooted in gender inequality, the abuse of power and harmful norms and is a serious violation of human rights and a life-threatening health and protection issue.6 Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) denies the human dignity of the individual and harms human development. [...] SGBV is largely rooted in individual attitudes that condone violence within the family, the community and the State.7 In Malaysia, statistics show that the num- bers of domestic violence and rape8 cases reported to the police have sharply increased from 3.5k to 5.5k reported cases of domestic violence from 2000 - 20189, with the actual unreported numbers considered to be much higher. [...] Civil society organisations in Malaysia have raised their frustration regarding the national hotline for women and children, Talian Kasih, for failing to provide the assistance and support sought by victims due to the suspension of the hotline.11 Many contended that the hotline is no longer relevant for GBV victims as the scope of the hotline had b roadened to attending to COVID-19 relief as well. [...] Cases of online sexual harassment and attacks involving minors were captured throughout the pandemic which proves to us that we have not informed our children enough on the harms of the internet and the ways in which they can protect themselves and seek support.

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