cover image: Louisiana Offshore Wind Energy Framework


Louisiana Offshore Wind Energy Framework

1 Dec 2022

Even with Louisiana’s long history of facilitating offshore oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico, anticipated offshore wind activities in state and federal waters will present new challenges for the state planning and regulatory framework. Offshore wind facilities will require substantial engagement by state agencies and commissions in order to protect state resources and guide development where appropriate. As the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management continues to lay the groundwork for offering wind leases on the Gulf of Mexico outer continental shelf, Louisiana’s legislature, agencies, and stakeholders are evaluating the state’s ability to manage, plan for, and oversee permitting, environmental review, and integration of offshore energy projects with Louisiana’s goals for energy and the coastal environment. This report is intended to support participation by Louisiana stakeholders in offshore wind energy decision-making by providing an overview of the most relevant state laws, regulations, and intergovernmental authorities affecting wind energy development offshore of Louisiana.


Amy Reed

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United States of America