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2022 Ibrahim I n dex o f A fr ic

24 January 2023


The median score for the sub-category has decreased by -2.5 points over the ten-year period (from 82.5 in 2012 to 80.0 in 2021), as the countries in the lower half of the ranking table perform worse in 2021 than they did in 2012. [...] Further, an increase of +3.0 in Foundations for Economic Opportunity is This situation of terrorist attacks and coups by the a positive development because a large percentage army, is undermining the peace, security, and stability of the population of Africa are young people and of the sub-region. [...] The Freedom of declined out of the Association & Assembly (-11.3) has been the most declined indicator of the 81 IIAG's indicators IIAG over the decade. [...] The notion of participatory democracy is enshrined in the Universal Charter of Human Rights, which asserts that ‘everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.’ Since the democratic expansion in Africa of the early 1990’s, we have seen significant progress in the establishment of multiparty democracy and the entrenchment of. [...] The trend of the index for Overall Governance, registering a slower pace since 2019 is of equal concern in decline in the measures regarding the status of women.

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