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3 Mar 2023

And to maintain the focus on the objectives of the initiative, organisations applying to host a volunteer will be asked to outline the spirit of solidarity, which is at the core of Territorial Cooperation, of the activities foreseen for the volunteer. [...] Programme and project notes include: - information on the programme/project the volunteer will be involved in; - A description of the tasks the volunteer is expected to carry out - the fields of knowledge requested; - language skills needed to carry out the activities; - the motivation of the organisation to host volunteers; 9 - the principles underpinning the initiative. [...] The interview is intended to be informal and focused on assessing the motivation, interest and the competences of the candidate in relation to the scope of the project. [...] The volunteer and the mentor should discuss the work the volunteer is expected to carry out during the stay, and the volunteer should decide together with the mentor on the activities he/she will suggest outside of the assigned tasks. [...] The start date of the activity shall be the first day that the participant needs to be present at the host organisation and the end date shall be the last day the participant needs to be present at the host organisation.


Martin Guillermo Ramirez

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