Turning Around a University: Lessons from personal experience
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Turning Around a University: Lessons from personal experience

3 March 2023


By the latter part of the 2010s, the sector was also having to come to terms with the profound changes in the regulatory landscape being www.hepi.ac.uk 5 ushered in by the Higher Education and Research Act (2017) and the shift from the Higher Education Funding Council for England to a new regulatory body, the Office for Students. [...] Stage One The initial stage of the transformation programme, announced in June 2018, established a set of workstreams to advance key strategic projects: to improve the quality of Hull’s education and research; to tackle the challenges associated with falling recruitment; and to develop a position that would secure the University’s financial sustainability. [...] A crucial project was the creation of a clear and inspirational vision statement that reflected the collective views of students, staff and stakeholders on the identity and purpose of the University of Hull, along with agreed sets of values and behaviours. [...] As we moved from reports of a novel coronavirus in Wuhan, to the plight of passengers on the Diamond Princess and to the reality of a World Health Organisation declared global pandemic, like everyone else our absolute focus was on the health and safety of our staff and students, closely followed by our desire to enable students to continue learning. [...] The clearly evidenced and sustained improvements in performance, linked explicitly to the confident delivery of our transformation of the institution, and a well-articulated strategy for the future enabled us to secure significant investment in April 2022.

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