Unit 6: Teachers Lectures


Unit 6: Teachers Lectures

23 Mar 2023

‘Teacher quality’ is therefore the result of a complex interplay of systemic and individual-level factors and is challenging to conceptualise and to measure. [...] In sub-Saharan Africa in particular, shortages of teachers and limited preparation of the teaching force present a major challenge. [...] After completing the unit, students should: • Understand the difficulties of defining and assessing teacher quality and the limitations of specific approaches to this; • Understand the importance of limitations of teacher supply (number and quality) in relation to the learning crisis, the pursuit of SDG4, and the trade-offs that result from this in particular contexts; and • Understand the importa. [...] The central issue of teacher quality in two parts: How economists think about it and how policymakers think about it (Barbara Bruns, Center for Global Development) 2. [...] The Political Economy of Teachers in South Asia." Handbook of Education Systems in South Asia: 1-23.


Jason Silberstein

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United Kingdom