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Unit 8: Instruction Lectures

23 Mar 2023

Unit 8: Instruction Teaching is at the heart of education systems and is of central importance to determining how much children learn. [...] Instead, there is a need to examine and improve coherence across instructional components, and alignment between instructional components and children’s learning levels and needs. [...] After completing the unit, students should: • Understand the concepts of instructional components and instructional coherence; • Be able to provide diverse examples of instructional coherence, and interpret real-world case studies through the lens of instructional (in)coherence; and • Be able to marshall theoretical and empirical evidence around the impact of overambitious curricula, and the impor. [...] Aligning Levels of Instruction with Goals and the Needs of Students (ALIGNS): Varied Approaches, Common Principles. [...] A Structured Model of the Dynamics of Student Learning in Developing Countries, with Applications to Policy.


Jason Silberstein

Published in
United Kingdom