Unit 10: Financing Education Lectures


Unit 10: Financing Education Lectures

23 Mar 2023

Unit 10: Financing Education Financing education is an expensive endeavour, especially at the scale and scope required under global commitments. [...] To this end, how education finances are sourced and utilised provokes important questions: • Who pays and who benefits? • How are budget allocations determined? • What level of education is prioritised? • Is financing sustainable? • Who is the state accountable to for financing commitments? At the global level, there is large disparity in per capita spending on education across countries. [...] • Demonstrate an understanding of the current global debate on education financing, in particular regarding the 4S framework from the ‘Transforming Education Summit’ in September 2022. [...] • Recognise the current sources of education financing (internal and external) in LMICs, illustrate why external financing ought to play a ‘catalytic’ (rather than ‘gap filling’) role, and understand how taxation is central to education financing. [...] • Evaluate the basic education financing equation, examine the idea that LMICs are stuck in ‘low financing traps’ and explore possibilities of escaping this trap.


Jason Silberstein

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United Kingdom