APFSD Youth Forum Call to Action 2023: Myanmar and Laos
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APFSD Youth Forum Call to Action 2023: Myanmar and Laos

31 March 2023


Moreover, more businesses and local and in Myanmar to engage in SDG implementation, international organisations in Laos are accepting and we recommend easing strict criteria such as age embracing the LGBTQ+ community and those with and nationality, and facilitating cross-border mobility disabilities. [...] In Laos, gender equality under SDG5 faces challenges • To further support the promotion and implementation such as acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community and of SDGs in both Myanmar and Laos, we young women giving birth due to limited education and recommend increasing the resources available for employment opportunities. [...] • To encourage investment in sustainable • By raising awareness in the community about the infrastructure, especially small and medium-sized importance of preserving and maintaining natural enterprises to promote innovation and technology resources, including lakes and rivers (the Mekong development that focus on renewable energy and and Irrawaddy), etc: by educating the community efficient transp. [...] APFSD Regional Youth Forum Call to Action 2023 – PAGE 4 SDG11: Sustainable Cities and • To enact a policy to stops the burning of leaves and Communities reduce usage of inhouse coal and promote innovate climate friendly cooking behaviour: The burning of • To advocate for the design and implementation of fossil fuels results in the emission of pollutants such disability-friendly cities: to promote. [...] Providing shelter to the advocates to increase communication and knowledge homeless can help to address this problem, while exchange: by establishing platforms, events, and also improving access to clean water and sanitation programmes that bring young people together to • To increase the number of buses and subsidise public discuss and share their ideas on SDGs which enables transport fuel at the.

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