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15 May 2023


Anti-Black Racism at the CHRC The finding1 of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat that the Commission violated the non- discrimination clause of the collective agreement amplifies what has been a known and lived reality for members of Black communities: that racism, sexism, and systemic discrimination exist pervasively in our public institutions. [...] The Important Function of National Human Rights Institutions We urge Members of the Committee to use this opportunity as a catalyst for driving meaningful and effective changes to enhance the federal human rights system to meet the needs of Black and racialized communities in Canada. [...] CCLA was a key player among civil society organizations that advocated for the creation of the Commission, as well as the Ontario Human Rights Commission in the 1970s. [...] Key aspects of the Paris Principles3 that should form the core basis of a strong national human rights institution include the need for adequate funding and pluralistic representation that is reflective of those who reside in the state. [...] We look forward to the concrete recommendations from this Senate study to strengthen the human rights framework and ensure there are strong, adequately resourced, and representative national human rights mechanisms to promote and protect the human rights of all of us in Canada -- especially Black communities, and other marginalized and vulnerable communities.

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