cover image: Israel’s Approach to Building Cyber Capabilities: Lessons for the Indian Armed Forces


Israel’s Approach to Building Cyber Capabilities: Lessons for the Indian Armed Forces

31 May 2023

In order to develop effective cyber capabilities, the Indian armed forces in particular could study the whole-of-nation approach of countries like Israel and their cyber talent development programmes, which have ensured a steady stream of cyber professionals, catering to that country's requirements of ensuring effective defensive and offensive cyber capability. [...] Almost every facet of cyber security is covered in this extremely comprehensive write-up.4 Further on, in 2019, the government also gave its approval for the creation of a Defence Cyber Agency (DCyA).5 One does not have to be an expert to conclude that the identification, development/training, utilisation, and sustainment of adequately trained cyber specialists will be crucial for the Indian armed. [...] This Brief will explore the IDF's approach to building cyber capabilities, with a focus on talent development and the whole-of-nation approach to talent scouting through various programs, and aims to draw lessons for the Indian armed forces. [...] In response to these challenges, Israel recognized the critical importance of bolstering its cyber defences and actively engaging in cyber warfare capabilities.7 The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), in close collaboration with intelligence agencies, have played a pivotal role in the development of these capabilities. [...] Offensive cyber operations played a crucial role in degrading Hamas' ability to coordinate and carry out attacks.12 These achievements highlight the IDF's proficiency in offensive cyber warfare and their ability to leverage cyber capabilities to achieve strategic objectives.


Guriqbal Singh Gill

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