10 - Drones & Counter-Drone Systems - a m
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10 - Drones & Counter-Drone Systems - a m

10 July 2023


The aim is to measure and calibrate the response and the desired escalation metrics to remain ahead in the domination game. [...] The revolution in technology in the realm of computing, video, image processing, satellites, improvements in the making of cameras and payloads lightweight, and, finally, the exponential increase in computing power resulted in the disruption the drone was about to cause. [...] The salience of drone and counter-drone warfare is that now the technology has taken precedence in the battlefield and has transformed the character of warfare. [...] The latest TB-3 drone, an advanced version of the TB-2, fitted with the TEI PD170 turbo diesel aircraft engine, is rolling out by the end of 2022 and shall be deployed on the 25,000-tonne drone carrier TCG Anadolu.6 Chinese Drone Programme China began the development of drones in the 1950s in three phases. [...] To assess the present state of the system and maintain flying parameters such as the height of the drones, the automated system employs sensors such as inertial measurement, pressure sensors, and others.

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