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Food Security

Given the food system to adapt and mitigate, synergies and trade-offs among current food system, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization these options, and enabling conditions for their adoption. [...] In addition to undernourishment in the sense of insufficient calories  (‘hunger’), undernourishment occurs in terms of nutritional deficiencies in vitamins (e.g., vitamin A) and minerals 442 Food security Chapter 5 Table 5.1 |. Relationships between food security, the food system, and climate change, and guide to chapter. [...] Participation in decision-making and politics, division of labour, resource access and control, and knowledge and skills (Nelson and Stathers 2009) are some of the barriers to adaptation. [...] These are projected to The chapter assesses new work on the observed and projected affect many aspects of the food security pillars (FAO 2018b) (see effects of CO2 concentrations on the nutritional quality of crops Supplementary Material Table SM5.2, and Chapter 6 for assessment (Section emphasising the role of extreme climate events of observed and projected climate impacts).


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