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13 Sep 2023

Tackling the collective actions problems bedevilling the response to fraud from both the private and public sectors • Recommendation 8: Start the process of developing a new set of policy proposals, for introduction in 2025, for improving the coordination of the fraud response by solving the collective action problems. [...] 14 THE VIEW FROM THE GROUND The two parts of this report More evidence on the impact of fraud on the people of the UK Chapters Two to Five make up the first part of this report. [...] The data presented comes from a survey of fraud victims and builds upon the findings presented in “Fraudemic”.iii The qualitative data that is also described is sourced from in-depth interviews with fraud victims.iv The debate over the best policy response to the fraud epidemic The second part of the report consists of Chapters Six to Nine. [...] The severity of the impact on individuals’ economic situations and the psychological and social costs need to be better reflected in the estimates of the consequences of fraud. [...] Digital services are the farthest behind in counter-fraud efforts A substantial proportion of the fraud afflicting the population of the UK is propagated through digital services such as webmail services, search engines, web hosting services and social media platforms.86 It was noted at the roundtable that of all the organisations in the “fraud chain”, it was the digital platforms that have the fa.


Linus Pardoe

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United Kingdom