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Ashley Jackson - AID DIVERSION IN AFGHANISTAN: - Is it time for a

26 Sep 2023

He said a proposed law, which would soon be put to a vote by the US Congress, would stop any US aid going “directly or indirectly” to the Taleban: Recently proposed Congressional legislation may have the effect of prohibiting indirect assistance to the Taliban in addition to the existing ban on direct assistance to the Taliban. [...] As noted in the accompanying House Report (H Rpt 118-146), the language in the budget request for Afghanistan is the same as it was in the budgetary requests made before the Taleban takeover, which it said “does not reflect the cruel reality of the present situation in Afghanistan.” In this light, the report stressed, the subsection quoted will prohibit “funds appropriated by this Act and prior Ac. [...] aid to the Afghan people has fallen into the hands of the Taliban since they took over the country in August 2021.” He said they were “pursuing three areas of enquiry: the use of appropriated funds to directly benefit the Taliban; the purchase, transfer, conversion, and use of U. [...] In February 2022, the authorities released a plan to monitor and control the activities of NGOs, called the Procedure for Control and Regulation of the Activities of Domestic and International Organisations (‘organisations’ are how Afghans typically refer to NGOs). [...] 8 According to a comparison between the revised and original version of the document, the most substantial changes include: a change to the title from “Procedure on Control” to “Procedure on Coordination”; a change of requirement from “joint” to “coordinated” surveys and from requiring the “joint” organisation of surveys and project proposals to “consultation and coordination” on these activities.
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