Afghanistan Analysts Network


Afghanistan Analysts Network

Type Research Center
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 2009
Location Kabul Afghanistan Afghanistan
Functions Fieldwork, Research
Tags human rights marginalized groups
Summary It aims to bring together the knowledge, experience and drive of a large number of experts to better inform policy and to increase the understanding of Afghan realities.

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AAN_AF: Afghanistan Analysts Network · 7 November 2023 English

The letter went on to say: [I]n a joint inspection carried out in Tir 1379 (July 2000) by two technical teams from Iran and Afghanistan to the Kajaki dam and …

AAN_AF: Afghanistan Analysts Network · 5 October 2023 English

In two of these cases, the interpretations of the law and the Byzantine way Board recognised that the allegations against the US governments, courts and military review boards men were …

AAN_AF: Afghanistan Analysts Network · 26 September 2023 English

He said a proposed law, which would soon be put to a vote by the US Congress, would stop any US aid going “directly or indirectly” to the Taleban: Recently …

AAN_AF: Afghanistan Analysts Network · 13 September 2023 English

The presence of China’s ambassador to Afghanistan, Wang Yu, and the IEA’s first deputy minister for economic affairs, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, at the ceremony, combined with the live TV …

AAN_AF: Afghanistan Analysts Network · 30 August 2023 English

Haqqani writes on page 59, in his chapter on the Election of the Head of State: Looking at all the injunctions in the Quran and in the sunnah, we cannot …

AAN_AF: Afghanistan Analysts Network · 4 August 2023 English

• The depth and breadth of the changes made by the Taleban’s higher education authorities – and their profound and wide-ranging repercussions – point to a rapid and radical process …

AAN_AF: Afghanistan Analysts Network · 25 July 2023 English

This is a sharp change from the Republic era when development assistance accounted for the lion’s share of the aid, was increasingly on-budget and explicitly provided to support the legitimacy …

AAN_AF: Afghanistan Analysts Network · 15 July 2023 English

87 6 Decrees, Orders and Instructions of His Excellency Amir Al-Mu’minin ORDER REGARDING PRISONERS OF WAR (85/VOL 1) In the name of Allah, the most merciful The order of his …

AAN_AF: Afghanistan Analysts Network · 27 May 2023 Pushto

َتلّيو َتلّيو تمیًتلمؤمىیه ٔیك تلمًدن َتلفه ط تمیًتلمؤمىٕه ٔېك تلمًدن َتلفهٔط مُلُی ٌدر تهلل تلىهٌتني مُلُْ ٌدر تهلل تلىهٌتني 43 پًلً پّې ومدً )۱۴۳2( )1444/11/2-1402/3/1( يِمٓ ؼًٔهي خّم تهلل تلًـمه …

AAN_AF: Afghanistan Analysts Network · 22 May 2023 English

This applies, in the first instance, to not know where their the money collected by the Ministry money is going, and of Finance, but also to all the revenue donors …

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