Mohammad Assem Mayar - THE LONG WINDING RIVER: - Unravelling the water dispute
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Mohammad Assem Mayar - THE LONG WINDING RIVER: - Unravelling the water dispute

7 November 2023


The letter went on to say: [I]n a joint inspection carried out in Tir 1379 (July 2000) by two technical teams from Iran and Afghanistan to the Kajaki dam and the hydrometric station at Dehrawud, which is the base for the measurement of water in the Hirmand River, the two teams jointly concluded that the flow of water at the hydrometric 1 As well as the drought, there was a wider political context. [...] The inspection team also observed that the main cause of the water blockage was the closure of the gates of the Kajaki dam, which prevented the flow of water towards Iran. [...] THE HISTORY OF DISPUTES OVER THE HELMAND RIVER Disputes over the Helmand River’s water date back to the 19th century, when the boundaries between Iran and Afghanistan were first established by Britain at the end of the Anglo-Persian War.11 For the past century and a half, claims and counterclaims over rights to the river’s waters, intertwined with the recurring spectre of drought, have led to seve. [...] In addition, the Dehrawud station which was reportedly reactivated in March 2023, has, for the most part, been inactive because of the ongoing conflict in the area and was, at any rate, 28 The Long Winding River: Unravelling the water dispute between Afghanistan and Iran inaccessible during periods when the area was under the control of opponents of successive Afghan governments.16 The lack of del. [...] This idea certainly had currency in 2004, when Iranian lawmakers issued a report urging the government to renegotiate the Helmand Treaty in light of climate change and offer financial and other incentives to Afghanistan in 20 Evapotranspiration is the combination of evaporation, which is the movement of water into the air from the soil and bodies of water bodies, and transpiration, which is the mo.

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