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20161101 Kafka final SV

5 Oct 2023

In two of these cases, the interpretations of the law and the Byzantine way Board recognised that the allegations against the US governments, courts and military review boards men were not true: one was told his role with the have dealt with the detainees. [...] have been judged safe to be freed, really the The Taleban had emerged in Kandahar in 1994 as ‘worst of the worst’, or are they merely the flotsam an attempt by mullahs who had fought the Soviet left stranded by the tide of mass detentions? occupation in the 1980s to bring order to a city Viewing the US detention regime through the lens engulfed by vicious, internecine fighting. [...] Her extensive knowledge of Afghanistan evidence against the eight Afghans, finding that far and personal experience of living in the country from them being the ‘worst of the worst’, the US during the Taleban era and immediately after10 has failed to make a compelling case against any of were brought to bear in assessing the cases made them. [...] “Chapter 5: Conclusion” contains some final 9 Shura-ye Nizar was built up under the leadership of reflections on the failure of the US state and justice Jamiat commander Ahmad Shah Massud in the 1980s system to deal fairly with those the state detains, and became the most coherent and formidable part of and the consequences of this failure. [...] by or on behalf of an alien detained… at 66 The usefulness of the summaries and transcripts of Guantánamo.” The act also provided for the the CSRTs and ARBs for finding out information creation of Military Commissions to put detainees about the detainees and the allegations against on trial in a military court.
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