For Weighting Online Opt-In Samples, What Matters Most?
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For Weighting Online Opt-In Samples, What Matters Most?

26 January 2018


In this context, “synthetic” means that some of the data came from statistical modeling (imputation) rather than directly from the survey participants’ answers.11 The first step in this process was to identify the variables that we wanted to append to the ACS, as well as any other questions that the different benchmark surveys had in common. [...] Eventually, all of the cases will have complete data for all of the variables used in the procedure, with the imputed variables following the same multivariate distribution as the surveys where they were actually measured. [...] The final matched sample is selected by sequentially matching each of the 1,500 cases in the target sample to the most similar case in the online opt-in survey dataset. [...] The larger the starting sample, the more potential matches there are for each case in the target sample – and, hopefully, the lower the chances of poor-quality matches. [...] Social networking Note: See Appendix D for the source of each benchmark, the The estimated bias for each category is the question text, the response categories, the benchmark estimate, and additional notes.

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