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7 facts about Americans and Instagram

Pew Research Center · 7 October 2021 English

Over the years, we have studied how U.S. adults – as well as teens and children – use and engage with Instagram. Here are seven key takeaways.

Two-thirds of U.S. Catholics unaware of pope’s new restrictions on traditional Latin …

Pew Research Center · 7 October 2021 English

Weekly Mass-goers and Catholic Republicans express higher levels of disapproval of the pope’s new restrictions.

Two-thirds of Republicans want Trump to retain major political role; 44% want …

Pew Research Center · 6 October 2021 English

About a third of Republicans (32%) say they would not like Donald Trump to remain a national political figure for many years to come.

Rising Share of U.S. Adults Are Living Without a Spouse or Partner

Pew Research Center · 5 October 2021 English

On key economic outcomes, single adults at prime working age increasingly lag behind those who are married or cohabiting

Want to better understand how surveys work? We’ve got an email course …

Pew Research Center · 5 October 2021 English

If you’ve wondered what opinion polls are for, how they are done or how to tell a good one from a bad one, sign up for our email mini-course.

Most U.S. Latinos say global climate change and other environmental issues impact …

Pew Research Center · 4 October 2021 English

Latinos broadly support an array of policy measures to address climate change and other environmental issues.

What we know about online learning and the homework gap amid the …

Pew Research Center · 1 October 2021 English

Here is what our surveys found about the students most likely to lack the home internet connectivity needed to finish schoolwork.

Key findings about restrictions on religion around the world in 2019

Pew Research Center · 30 September 2021 English

Social hostilities around the world involving religion declined in 2019 to the lowest level in five years.

Charting Congress on Social Media in the 2016 and 2020 Elections

Pew Research Center · 30 September 2021 English

The 2020 election featured dramatic increases in lawmaker posts and audience engagement, but less overlap in the sources shared by members of each party.

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