BIOGRAPHIES - Andalusia K. Soloff - Alicia Fernández
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BIOGRAPHIES - Andalusia K. Soloff - Alicia Fernández

2 November 2023


She is the founder of Frontline Freelance México, a member-based organization which advocates for freelancer journalists’ rights and press freedom and co-founder of the project Fixing Journalism. [...] Andalusia is the director of the Emmy nominated Al Jazeera documentary, A Sense of Community: Itzapalapa, producer for Endangered, the award-winning HBO film that profiles journalists and the risks they face. [...] She is also the author of the graphic novel Taken Alive, published in various languages, about the mass disappearance of 43 students in Mexico. [...] Currently located in Berlin, Germany, Vania is conducting an investigation about the impact of structural violence on journalists in Mexico focusing on job insecurity, gender violence, risks in the field, physical risks, with a deep focus on the mental health of its journalists, with a grant from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. [...] He has participated in reports and documentaries for national and international media, the majority of them focused on security and drug trafficking.

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