Frontline Freelance Mexico and the Global Initiative Against Transnational
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Frontline Freelance Mexico and the Global Initiative Against Transnational

2 November 2023


In addition, the global crisis linked to the lack of profitability of the media and low salaries have contributed to a precarious context for the profession. [...] The experience of fixers in Mexico, whose experience in the field is not well known due to the lack of recognition of their work, goes hand in hand with violence and job insecurity. [...] About the Resilience Fund The Resilience Fund is a mechanism of GI-TOC that provides technical and financial support to civil society actors to activate community responses against organized crime and strengthen community resilience of those living under the threat of violence. [...] The goal of the Resilience Fund is to put the weight of the international community behind individual and collective community activists, journalists, youth groups and community initiatives, serving as a platform to amplify the reach of community and social projects and ensure their long-term sustainability. [...] The GI-TOC seeks to open new lines of analysis to provide creative solutions to the challenges of organized crime, and to serve as an exchange and collaboration platform among governments, civil society, scholars, the private sector and other actors.

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