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Centre for Air Power Studies R egional o - pinions and

22 November 2023


Despite levels of violence in the country actually going down by early 2023, this era following the US withdrawal is marked by regional, strategic, tactical, and ideological rivalries and fractures are playing out both on the ground and perhaps more significantly, in the digital realm.” Read More: . [...] Of all the Asian governments responding to the conflict, the outlook of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have particular prominence.” Read More: *** A Tough Election Awaits Embattled Tehreek-i-Insaf Mansoor Malik | 15 November 2023 “The PTI leaders’ attempts to hold corner. [...] The party leadership believes an election without giving equal opportunities to all parties will neither be accepted by most Pakistanis nor the world at large, and will serve as a pain in the neck for both the new government and the establishment.” Read More: *** ISKP’s Urban Bombing Campaign: What it Implies for I. [...] The breakthroughs of the 1990s were initiated by inspired individuals, but ultimately enabled by major geopolitical shifts: the end of the Cold War and America’s “unipolar moment”.” Read More: solution *** NOVEMBER 2023 | PAGE - 5 . [...] Pic Credits: The Times of Israel Pic Credits: The Diplomat *** *** The Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS) is an independent, non-profit think tank that undertakes and promotes policy related research, study and discussion on defence and military issues, trends, and development in air power and space for civil and military purposes, as also related issues of Centre for Air Power Studies national s.

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