Reproductive Justice: Recalibrating the SRHR Agenda
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Reproductive Justice: Recalibrating the SRHR Agenda

5 October 2023


the way health systems are structured, deterrent in health-seeking behaviour resourced, designed, and privatised; and and provision of safe services13 in India,14 Equity in sexual and what type of health services and where Bangladesh,15 and Nepal.16 Deep-set reproductive health is derived these services are made available and to stigma also acts to prevent even the 25from its definitions in health. [...] billion persons over the age of 60 by These countries and communities are 2050,31 a reproductive justice framework Comprehensive SRH services, as per not responsible for the externalities of will have to incorporate the sexual the ICPD ideal,37 are still not provided development and market economics and reproductive needs and desires of across all levels of the health system. [...] nuance the gender-based violence work and choice reinforces the economic • Consistently higher likelihood of with an understanding of caste structures subjugation of women at the micro level having a birth that is not wanted at and the disproportionate violence and and the feminisation of poverty at the all, in all but one of the countries. [...] Availability of Safe Abortion Services and Perspectives the right to be a parent, is the right to of Actors on the Right to Safe Abortion in the states care. [...] In In the pursuit of reproductive justice abortions with the enactment of the the diverse landscape of Asia, the right for all, understanding the complexities Medical Termination of Pregnancy to safe abortion services represents and challenges faced by each of these (Amendment) Act, 2021.

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