Rooting for the Rural: Changing narratives and creating opportunities for Nordic rural youth
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Rooting for the Rural: Changing narratives and creating opportunities for Nordic rural youth

21 November 2023


This policy brief delves into the importance of understanding and supporting the priorities of young people in Nordic rural regions to ensure these communities thrive. It highlights the importance of addressing challenges that keep youth from staying in rural areas and engaging with those unsure about their future there. Serving as a comprehensive guide for policymakers, the policy brief contextualises the report from the Nordic rural youth panel “ From Fields to Futures: 40 action points for rural revitalisation”.  The brief examines academic discussions, prevalent narratives, and youth engagement efforts, emphasising the Nordic Rural Youth Panel's 40 proposed actions to revitalise rural areas. The paper investigates what young people need and want, their aspirations and ideas, and the solutions they propose to policymakers that could attract them back to rural areas. It also explores ways to create and enhance opportunities for rural youth to realise their potential and contribute significantly to their communities, thereby changing the existing narratives about young people in rural areas.  Lastly, the policy brief stresses the importance of considering diverse youth perspectives in policymaking to promote inclusive and sustainable rural development.

Responsible organisation
Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordregio
Nordregio Policy Brief, ISSN 2001-3876 ; 2023:5
Published in
Stockholm: Nordregio


Wøien Meijer, Mari
Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordregio.

Cedergren, Elin
Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordregio.

Guðmundsdóttir, Hjördís
Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordregio.


rural development rural areas youth engagement nordic region rural environment other social sciences moving and commuting the nordic region and the surrounding world countries and regions youth panel