Ukraine - Russia: the background

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28 February 2022
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A list of reports, articles and other documents on the background to the ongoing war in Ukraine and commentary on possible futures. (Image: Viewsridge

RUSI: Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies · 15 February 2022 English

War looms over Europe. As Russian troops mass around Ukraine’s borders there is a palpable sense of crisis. In Ukraine, however, there is a combination of resignation and grim determination …

HRW: Human Rights Watch · 23 February 2022 English

This briefing summarises what international law governs an armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

CSIS: Center for Strategic and International Studies · 13 January 2022

If peace talks fail, the Russian military has several options to advance into Ukraine through northern, central, and southern invasion routes. But a Russian attempt to seize and hold territory …

28 February 2022

Putin is trying to take down the entire world order, the veteran Russia watcher said in an interview. For many people, watching the Russian invasion of Ukraine has felt like …

The Conversation · 22 February 2022

Stefan Wolff, Professor of International Security, University of Birmingham, UK and Tatyana Malyarenko, Professor of International Relations, National University Odesa Law Academy, Ukraine, deconstruct Putin's decision to recognise the independence …