Ethiopian Economics Association


Ethiopian Economics Association

Type NGO
Year founded 1991
Location Addis Ababa Ethiopia Ethiopia
Functions Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants
Tags africa trade economics agriculture and food social policy africa-portal
Summary EEA has actively engaged in Economic research, training, organization of International and National conferences and round table discussions on the Ethiopian economy and the dissemination of the results of these activities through its professional journals and various publications.

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EEA: Ethiopian Economics Association · 26 February 2021 English

The major objective of this study is to assess the achievements of the region and the gaps in its socio-economic development efforts as well as identify development priority areas for …

EEA: Ethiopian Economics Association · 27 July 2020 English

Incidence of COVID-19 pandemic that started in China in December 2019 and then spread to the entire world has adversely affected the world economy and threatened the welfare of populations. …

EEA: Ethiopian Economics Association · 27 July 2020 English

This study assesses the potential economywide impacts of the COVID-19 in Ethiopia. It uses a dynamic computable general equilibrium (CGE) model calibrated to a social accounting matrix for FY 2010/11 …

EEA: Ethiopian Economics Association · 6 April 2020 English

The Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic is a global challenge that requires coordinated efforts from governments, individuals, businesses, and various stakeholders. The world economy is experiencing a historic and unprecedented …

EEA: Ethiopian Economics Association · 13 January 2020 English

This discussion paper assesses the state of agricultural and rural conditions of Ethiopia; describes the extent, speed and depth of agricultural and rural transformation; and provides policy options for the …

EEA: Ethiopian Economics Association · 1 November 2018 English

This study investigated the probable sources of crisis in the financial sector of Nigeria, over the period, 1960-2014. Two distinct phases of financial crises in the country were enclosed by …

EEA: Ethiopian Economics Association · 31 July 2018 English

Bee-keeping in Ethiopia is common and one of the agricultural activities. Honey and bee wax are the major bee products used for export earnings and also serve as sources of …

EEA: Ethiopian Economics Association · 1 November 2017 English

Ethiopia can be considered a success story for maize production as, apart from South Africa, it is the only country in Sub-Saharan Africa that has shown substantial progress in maize …

EEA: Ethiopian Economics Association · 1 November 2017 English

The aim of this paper is to analyze the technical efficiency of rice production in Fogera District of Ethiopia. To do so, the stochastic frontier approach was employed on data …

EEA: Ethiopian Economics Association · 31 October 2017 English

Theoretical and empirical economic literature has shown that the economic growth of countries is related to both liberalization and international trade integration. The main purpose of this study is to …

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