Type Government
Name in English National Board of Trade Sweden
Website kommerskollegium.se
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1651
Location Stockholm Sweden Sweden
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Governments or multi-govt organizations
Tags trade sweden eu
Summary The National Board of Trade is a Swedish government agency for international trade, the EU internal market and trade policy. Our mission is to facilitate free and open trade with transparent rules as well as free movement in the EU internal market.

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Kommerskollegium · 4 September 2023 English

With this study, the National Board of Trade Sweden aims to map national labelling requirements relating to the circular economy and to analyse if and to what extent forthcoming EU …

Kommerskollegium · 1 September 2023 English

Participation from African countries in the ongoing e-commerce negotiations within the World Trade Organization remains low. This report aims to broaden the discussion on the underlying factors for the limited …

Kommerskollegium · 4 July 2023

The report aims to answer the question whether joining an RTA and the agreement depth contribute to a more diversified export portfolio. The indicative results found here suggest that, if …

Kommerskollegium · 1 June 2023 English

Today government subsidies play a pivotal role in shaping industrial location across countries. They come in various shapes and forms, ranging from tax incentives and grants to loans and direct …

Kommerskollegium · 30 May 2023 English

An analysis of the productivity effects of foreign acquisitions of Swedish firms. Firm-level data over the period 1997–2020 has been used and an event study approach has been applied for …

Kommerskollegium · 29 May 2023 English

Despite the close link between imports and exports, most of the analysis and policy discussions have traditionally focused on how to strengthen exports, without further consideration of the potential for …

Kommerskollegium · 10 May 2023 English

The body that hears appeals in the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) dispute settlement system, the Appellate Body, has not been functioning and has been in crisis since late 2019. In …

Kommerskollegium · 28 March 2023 English

Market study mapping out the Swedish market for food ingredients in order to provide guidance for exporters in countries outside the European Union.

Kommerskollegium · 16 March 2023 English

Trade policy should facilitate the diffusion of environmentally friendly goods and technologies. Existing trade barriers on these goods make the green transition more expensive than necessary. In this study, National …

Kommerskollegium · 15 February 2023

This is because the use of ML and AI provides multiple scenarios and use cases that do not easily fit into the current definition found in proposals for legislation e.g., …

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