Peterson Institute for International Economics


Peterson Institute for International Economics

Type Research Center
Year founded 1981
Location Washington, D.C. United States of America United States of America
Budget USD 20M-49M
Functions Advocacy, Research
Funding sources Individual citizens
Tags economics
Summary The Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research institution devoted to the study of international economic policy. Since 1981 the Institute has provided timely and objective analysis of, and concrete solutions to, a wide range of international economic problems. It is one of the very few economics think tanks that are widely regarded as "nonpartisan" by the press and "neutral" by the US Congress, and its research staff is cited by the quality media more than that of any other such institution. The Institute attempts to anticipate emerging issues and to be ready with practical ideas, presented in user-friendly formats, to inform and shape public debate. Its audience includes government officials and legislators, business and labor leaders, management and staff at international organizations, university-based scholars and their students, other research institutions and nongovernmental organizations, the media, and the public at large. It addresses these groups both in the United States and around the world.

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PIIE · 14 November 2022 English

The sizable and costly transformation of economies that is required to achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement (Conference of the Parties, COP21) or the more recent “net zero emissions …

PIIE · 21 October 2022 English

The influential report from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), published in 2020, forecast that if the CHIPS Act had provided only $50 billion of …

PIIE · 14 July 2022 English

the evidence Study of OPE work in South Korea is just beginning, but the evidence suggests some summarized by Chang (2021) suggests some similarities between South Korea similarities and the …

PIIE · 8 July 2022 English

This increase in the share of the elderly population will require a significant expansion of employment in the professionalized elder care sector and/or a significant increase in the number of …

PIIE · 23 June 2022 English

A SUDDEN SHARP ECONOMIC WITHDRAWAL BY THE UK As we will show below, during the 1990s through the mid-2010s until the Brexit referendum, the UK was one of the most …

PIIE · 16 June 2022 English

The amount and content of Chinese media coverage of the trade war that survey respondents received differed greatly between the three periods.7 As shown in appendix A, the number of …

PIIE · 13 June 2022 English

Under that initiative, the US Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services worked together to Despite this create policy incentives, often by relying on the Defense …

PIIE · 16 May 2022 English

COMPARING THE ROLE OF THE WTO SECRETARIAT WITH THOSE OF ITS SISTER INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS2 The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund Executive functions in the World Bank and the …

PIIE · 10 May 2022 English

Steel Tariffs Have Hit Poor Countries the Hardest November 15, 2018 In the first six months of steel tariffs, strong economic growth actually increased US imports of steel by 2.2 …

PIIE · 4 May 2022 English

concerns would be, first: • In their bilateral dispute settlement understanding, to require that panels and the equivalent of the Appellate Body, when reviewing the use of trade remedies, take …

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