Accessibility in the sense considered here refers to the design of products, devices, services, or environments so as to be usable by people with disabilities. The concept of accessible design and practice of accessible development ensures both "direct access" (i.e. unassisted) and "indirect access" meaning compatibility with a person's assistive technology (for example, computer screen readers). Accessibility can be viewed as the "ability to access" and benefit from some system or entity. The concept focuses on enabling access for people with disabilities, or special needs, or enabling access through the use of assistive technology; however, research and development in accessibility …

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WRI · 1 November 2022 English

In response to growing threats to clean water supplies due to climate change, growing populations and demand, and weak governance, many companies are assessing water risks to their operations. Increasingly, …

other risk drivers related to availability, accessibility, and quality. WRI plotted Cargill’s facility

WRI · 2 September 2022 English

Land restoration is an effective nature-based solution for combating rural poverty and climate change across Latin America. But without well-designed public incentives that reward farmers and forest managers for protecting …

for Payments and Improve the Mechanism for Accessibility If public finance institutions perceive the examples of programs with clear rules and accessibility. On the other hand, the Chilean model is based

CPC · 22 June 2022 English

However, as of yet, surprisingly little is known about the following components of ISM: - The travel and other carbon emitting behaviours of students and their environmental consequences - How …

university, the location of the university, or the accessibility of the university, in terms of entry requirements the discussions in the literature about the accessibility of ISM, with international students of a higher the pandemic has potentially increased the accessibility of international education, which has previously internships, particularly with reference to widening accessibility to these options. Marie provides an example

NEF · 21 June 2022 English

Yet the proportion of the platforms to the global financial crash and its population performing platform work involving aftermath.8 A decade or more of stagnant wages, the provision of household …

other super chain, Bright on the quality and accessibility of childcare. This Horizons, has 900 nurseries

AMSSA · 17 June 2022 English

The Program Manager, reporting to the YWCA AD of Employment and the ED of QMUNITY supervises 2 case managers, an admin and outreach coordinator and practicum students and volunteers. [...] …

situated out of QMUNITY located on Davie and Bute. Accessibility: Please note QMUNITY's main office space is situated out of QMUNITY located on Davie and Bute. Accessibility: Please note QMUNITY's main office space is

Enterprise Research Centre · 17 June 2022 English

The UK exit from the EU generates additional trade costs between the two parties, and the new trade costs are largely non-tariff related. We calculate ad valorem equivalents (AVE) of …

the altered cost of production and reduced accessibility of imported intermediate inputs) but also the

CCGA · 17 June 2022 English

All statements of fact and expressions of opinion contained in this briefing note are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Chicago …

the global La Via Campesina, flexibility and accessibility of participatory research the Philippine’s MASIPAG

AMAP · 16 June 2022 English

Letcher (Canada), Lisa Loseto (Canada), Melissa McKinney (Canada), Derek Muir (Canada), Sara Pedro (Canada), Marianna Pinzone (Germany), Trevor Porter (Canada), Amanda Poste (Norway), Frank Rigét (Denmark), Heli Routti (Norway), Christian …

oceans worldwide, including availability or accessibility, can lead to complex bottom-up increasing temperature 4) Health and Wellness; 5) Stability; and 6) Accessibility. is denition holds the understanding that Pre- sh. While Hg concentrations diered between accessibility) and the ethno-psychological impacts of alterations esis. Boise State University. Boise color, and accessibility; and the ethno-psychological impacts State University

ERIA · 15 June 2022 English

Inclusive Education in ASEAN: Fostering Belonging for Students with Disabilities

part of society 5. Equitable opportunities 6. Accessibility 7. Equality between men and women 8. Respect

APHRC · 15 June 2022 English

But the authors of the report in 2014 caution in the misinterpretation that this means Malawi is one of the largest investors in research and development on the continent. [...] …

valuable principles, such as economic benefit, accessibility, inclusivity, and the social impact of research

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