Accessibility in the sense considered here refers to the design of products, devices, services, or environments so as to be usable by people with disabilities. The concept of accessible design and practice of accessible development ensures both "direct access" (i.e. unassisted) and "indirect access" meaning compatibility with a person's assistive technology (for example, computer screen readers). Accessibility can be viewed as the "ability to access" and benefit from some system or entity. The concept focuses on enabling access for people with disabilities, or special needs, or enabling access through the use of assistive technology; however, research and development in accessibility …



RAND Corporation · 22 April 2024 English

Drawing on findings from focus groups with diverse Village Movement members and leaders, the authors explore participants' views about healthy aging, their views on how Villages support healthy aging, and …

awareness of services and confidence about the accessibility of these services.20 Longitudinal and national

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The Centre for Social and Economic Progress (CSEP) conducts in-depth, policy-relevant research and provides evidence- based recommendations to the challenges facing India and the world. [...] CSEP is based in …

also acknowledges diverse applications and accessibility. IAMs such as the limitations and uncertainties have been notably used in the development of accessibility to improve the usability and integration the and resource requirements for differ- high accessibility through their web-based interfaces ent regions tax impacts on demand. intensity may limit accessibility Limitations z Limited representation of energy between economic activity and the limit its accessibility and application in regions with energy sector

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Definition of Construction Workers The definition of construction workers in the Building and Other Construction Workers Act, 1996 should be amended and expanded in line with supply and value chains …

Equal representation in committees, language accessibility, regular reviews, and physical inspections are leveraging existing infrastructure will enhance accessibility. Transparency and protection of existing beneficiaries to help them cover transportation costs and accessibility to work locations. >> Access to Training and should provide legal assistance and maintain accessibility through online and physical platforms. Domestic transportation hubs and employment centres to enhance accessibility and convenience. >> These facilities should

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We respectfully acknowledge the space our organization is headquartered in as the traditional and ancestral territories of the Blackfoot Confederacy, comprised of the bands Siksika, Piikani, and Kainai, the Îyârhe …

during demolition, ensuring the building meets accessibility requirements, etc.), it can put an end to the

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Beyond the scheme-based commitments which some state governments and the central government have given in the form of urban employment schemes or the rural employment guarantee act << 2 >> …

the workers and employers. Ensure Language Accessibility of Notices We should mandate that all notices Futures Transparency, Accessibility, and Worker Protection Transparency and Accessibility We should commit them. Bureaucratic obstacles that hinder the accessibility of benefits should be removed and mechanisms Additionally, it should enhance the reach and accessibility of formal banking services in the region to to help them cover transportation costs and accessibility to work locations. << 82 >> A Workers’ Agenda

RIS: Research and Information System for Developing Countries · 19 April 2024 English

continued dialogue and concerted the importance of ASEAN-India The seminar served as a platform action are essential to strengthen Millet Festival, ASEAN-India for robust deliberations, fostering the ASEAN-India relationship for …

Huston Stanfield and Mr Yorokee open-source accessibility. Indian Stevanovic, a Research Fellow Kapimbua

IOC: International Olympic Committee · 19 April 2024 English

The Olympic AI Agenda is the third in a trilogy of strategy documents. It follows Olympic Agenda 2020, launched in December 2014, and Olympic Agenda 2020+5, launched in March 2021. …

ground-breaking opportunity for the global accessibility of sport, aligning seamlessly with the IOC’s oversee or endorse AI initiatives to ensure accessibility to sport, regardless of background or geography

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HEALTH SECURITY The 2009-2013 AIFS Framework recognised the multi-faceted nature of the 2007- 08 GFPC, including the competing demands for land between agriculture and biofuel markets, and interactions between food …

to half of the world’s population and also accessibility of local food to consumers. has the largest

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9-8-8 requires co-operation and partnership between many stakeholders and rightsholders across all Provinces and Territories in Canada, and the existing crisis and distress sector, as well as meaningful involvement of …

suicide prevention and enhancing crisis care accessibility, particularly in remote communities. Emily is

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