The population of Africa has grown rapidly over the past century and consequently shows a large youth bulge, further reinforced by a low life expectancy of below 50 years in some African countries. Total population as of 2020 is estimated at more than 1.341 billion, with a growth rate of more than 2.5% p.a. The total fertility rate (births per woman) for Sub-Saharan Africa is 4.7 as of 2018, the highest in the world according to the World Bank. The most populous African country is Nigeria with over 206 million inhabitants as of 2020 and a growth rate of 2.6% …



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Health care is a priority In 2001, the member countries of the African Union signed the Abuja Declaration, in which they agreed to spend at least 15% of their budgets …

everywhere? As service delivery falls short, Africans rank health as a top priority for government action Despite these important advances, however, many Africans still do not have access to high- quality health placed on them during the COVID-19 pandemic, can Africans expect that their governments will provide accessible findings across 39 countries show that two-thirds of Africans report going without needed medical care at least long wait times. Overall, a growing majority of Africans say their government is failing to improve basic

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Si l'on se concentre sur les intrants des systèmes de santé, une analyse de l'Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (2023) a révélé que les pays africains ont fait de modestes …

Watch. Adjadeh, R. (2024). Assessing the gaps: Africans look for greater progress on education. Dépêche org/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/AD768-PAP9-Assessing-gaps-Africans-want-progress-on-education-Afrobarometer-9feb24

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While GDP per capita offers an objective, country-level measure of the economic outlook in the surveyed countries, individuals’ perceptions provide a subjective way of checking the robustness of the results …

little is known about how economic factors shape Africans’ perceptions of these principles. We investigate results section, findings from a sample of 48,084 Africans are presented. Concluding discussions follow in of political accountability More than six in 10 Africans (62%) expressed support for government-to-citizen public authorities Regarding transparency, 58% of Africans expressed support for transparency of information for accountable governance. This implies that Africans in countries with lower economic performance may

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Bottom Line The recent constitutional changes in Togo have shifted the balance of power from a presidential to a parliamentary system. This move has raised concerns about the potential for …

in Togo is appalling for many Togolese and West Africans, but not genuinely surprising. ECOWAS’s Protocol

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Introduction The global order, it seems, was in constant turmoil in the last decade, barely held together by a web of complicated partnerships and alliances and weakening multilateral institutions. Major …

these investments, Europe continues to press Africans to stick to renewable energy targets, despite

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This is the first comprehensive study of environmental inequalities produced by any city in the United States. Low-income communities and communities of color are disproportionately impacted by environmental inequities, due …

the colonists used the forced labor of enslaved Africans and their descendants to transform land into

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There is a widespread perception these years that strongmen around the world are winning, posing new geopolitical challenges and threats to the Western liberal order and security architecture.

Saied launched a campaign to warn against Black Africans, claiming they were a demographic threat to Tunisia’s

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Amnesty International welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the concept paper for the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and the Committee for the Protection of the Rights of …

contributes to the death and suffering of mostly Black Africans on the move.26 In Lithuania, the government’s speech incites a wave of violence against Black Africans”, 10 March 2023, eech-incites-a-wave-of-violence-against-black-africans/ 48 Amnesty International, “Cyprus: Authorities

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Namibia’s rapidly growing digital finance sector offers policymakers an opportunity to develop processes and regulations that suit the country’s unique human geography and cultural context.

crime rates and good law enforcement. Unlike South Africans, Namibians gener- ally do not have a heightened

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Bottom Line US withdrawal from Niger could pose significant obstacles to counter-terrorism efforts in the Sahel region with repercussions for the entire continent. The Sahel is witnessing a new era …

awareness among Africans and a belief that African issues are best addressed by Africans themselves. Furthermore

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