An airline is a company that provides air transport services for traveling passengers and freight. Airlines utilize aircraft to supply these services and may form partnerships or alliances with other airlines for codeshare agreements, in which they both offer and operate the same flight. Generally, airline companies are recognized with an air operating certificate or license issued by a governmental aviation body. Airlines may be scheduled or charter operators. The first airline was the German airship company DELAG, founded on 16 November 1909. The four oldest non-airship airlines that still exist are the Netherlands' KLM (1919), Colombia's Avianca (1919), Australia's …



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This year’s edition of the World Energy Investment provides a full update on the investment picture in 2023 and an initial reading of the emerging picture for 2024. The report …

Transition-related bonds 1% 14% 1% 11% 2% 4% 43% 24% Airlines Refining & marketing Renewable Other Energy Industrials

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SB-PST-288072-GO-RFQ / Eq uipment support to MCA or S olomon Airlines IDA / 71100 Component 1: Climate Resili ence and SB-PST-288080-CS-CQS / Te chnical support to MCA and S olomon Airlines IDA / E0340 Component 1: Climate Resili ence and

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This report intends to be an input into the government’s strategic vision and policymaking to help move Eswatini closer to its ambitious objective of boosting inclusive growth and becoming an …

India: The deregulation of the transport sector (airlines, maritime and roads) has reduced costs and

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The study, 'Digitalizing Value Chain Payments for Small Holder Farmers in Ethiopia' aimed to develop a comprehensive understanding of financial flows and digital payment needs of small holder farmers (SHFs) …

Meki Batu production is supplied to Ethiopian Airlines while the rest is sold via local brokers and

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Successful industrial policy must account for political economy Once relegated to the junk heap of economic ideas by mainstream policymakers, industrial policies, or state actions to change the composition of …

Examples include cargo flights by state-owned airlines to transport flowers from Colombia to the US

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For as long as governments have meddled with money, currency devaluations have been a phenomenon. Whether it be by debasing the purity of gold coins, running up the printing press, …

print suggests that credit card companies and airlines have the power to quickly and dramatically devalue wholesale pricing. “We have also observed that airlines sell points to consumers at inflated rates while

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Pakistan (59) In March 2007, Pakistan International Airlines was included in Annex B to Regulation (EC) No 177/04 AZW Zimbabwe AVIOR AIRLINES ROI-RNR-011 ROI Venezuela BLUE WING AIRLINES SRBWA-01/2002 BWI Suriname Suriname IRAN ASEMAN AIRLINES FS-102 IRC Iran FLY BAGHDAD 007 FBA Iraq IRAQI AIRWAYS 001 IAW Iraq All air Afghanistan, including Afghanistan ARIANA AFGHAN AIRLINES AOC 009 AFG Afghanistan KAM AIR AOC 001 KMF Afghanistan of Angola, with the exception of TAAG Angola Airlines and Heli Malongo, including Angola AEROJET AO-008/11-07/17

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For every child

Pacific Tollways Corp Republic of Korea Asiana Airlines BGF Retail BMONUMENT CO. Daewoo Engineering & Blizzard Amazon Smile LLC American Airlines American Express Foundation Applied Medical Autodesk

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in turn imposes costs, and distorts the behaviour, of both consumers and other firms (for example airlines) in ways that transfer welfare to the owner of the airport and reduce the productivity of the economy

in Australia, industries such as banking and airlines that clearly have ‘few’ suppliers with clear market of both consumers and other firms (for example airlines) in ways that transfer welfare to the owner of

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protection mentioned above, the bankruptcies of airlines and operators and, above all, the impact of COVID-19 properly transferred between intermediaries and airlines, while also ensuring adequate levels of competition Court (Fifth Chamber) of 18 September 2014.Vueling Airlines SA v Instituto Galego de Consumo de la Xunta de

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