Ecology (from Greek: οἶκος, "house" and -λογία, "study of") is a branch of biology concerning the spatial and temporal patterns of the distribution and abundance of organisms, including the causes and consequences. Topics of interest include the biodiversity, distribution, biomass, and populations of organisms, as well as cooperation and competition within and between species. Ecosystems are dynamically interacting systems of organisms, the communities they make up, and the non-living components of their environment. Ecosystem processes, such as primary production, pedogenesis, nutrient cycling, and niche construction, regulate the flux of energy and matter through an environment. These processes are sustained by …



CIGI: Centre for International Governance Innovation · 27 November 2023 English

For the most part, the people joining these professions do so with the and UK Professional intention of serving a public good, whether that good is the promotion of health, …

Information parasites and hydropower: A political ecology of from Hospital Websites.” The Markup, June 16 Leigh and Karen Ruhleder. 1996. “Steps toward an Ecology of Infrastructure: Design and Access for Large

LibMod: Zentrum Liberale Moderne · 23 November 2023

Lisa Badum is a Member of Parliament in the Alliance 90/The Greens parliamentary group, Chairwoman of the Committee on Climate Protection and Energy and Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on International …

Chatham House · 22 November 2023 English

Humanity faces a deepening ‘land crunch’ in the coming decades, as on current trends the demand for land for farming, climate change mitigation and other essential uses will increasingly exceed …

A hierarchical framework for avoiding confusion’, Landscape Ecology, 29 (5), pp. 763–71, 10.1007/s10980-014-0034-y

World Bank Group · 22 November 2023 English

International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology WORKS Activity Reference No. / Description Loan

CEIP: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace · 21 November 2023 English

Companies have submitted two sets of reports for the new EU Code of Practice on Disinformation. To date, reports have only offered limited insight.Researchers, civil society actors, and policymakers have …

the Information Environment Through Information Ecology,” Doctoral Thesis, King’s College, London (April

CELA: Canadian Environmental Law Association · 21 November 2023 French

Les opposant.e.s à l'action climatique diffusent des informations erronées et de la désinformation pour faire de la tarification du carbone un bouc émissaire, dans le but de préserver les combustibles …

de conservation du Nouveau-Brunswick Ecojustice Ecology Action Centre Environmental Defence Équiterre Fondation

FTSE Russell · 21 November 2023 English

Our third annual Net Zero Atlas provides an updated analysis of G20 countries’ climate targets, mitigation strategies, and physical risk exposures. The report outlines a refreshed evaluation of the ‘temperature …

promote forest conservation and enhance grassland ecology, such as China’s Action Plan for Forestry to Adapt sustainable management of forests, promoting grassland ecology, and increasing ecological protection.79 Assessment

CELA: Canadian Environmental Law Association · 21 November 2023 English

Opponents of climate action are spreading misinformation and disinformation to scapegoat carbon pricing in a bid to perpetuate fossil fuels. [...] Canada has an opportunity to lead the transition to …

Earth Ecojustice West Coast Environmental Law Ecology Action Centre Wildsight 3

EAC: Centre d'action écologique · 20 November 2023 English

The Act was passed by the previous government in 2019 and there was much consultation prior to the development and the passing of the Act. [...] Our coasts are an …

reply. Sincerely, Allen Webber Warden Copy to Ecology Action Centre 44 THE MUNICIPALITY OF CHESTER TOWN

ADB: Asian Development Bank · 20 November 2023 English

and rivers are no longer connected aquatic systems, further degrading the water environment and ecology, and weakening resilience to floods and droughts.Agriculture is a major source of pollution in Huanggang

systems, further degrading the water environment and ecology, and weakening resilience to floods and droughts

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